Increase your takeout sales and reduce the negative impact of high commissions

Our system enables you to provide customers with online ordering options.

Available on Android, iPhone & iPad

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Online Food Ordering

Why another system?

Delivery apps are taking around $1 out of every $4 of your sales, and while there's no doubt that delivery services such as Doordash and Grubhub help you increase sales, you can minimize their impact on your bottom line by offering customers a convenient way to order online.

QuikEats enables you to take pickup and dine-in food orders, and even offer food delivery to your customers if you already have a delivery system in place! Best of all is that we don't take any commissions.

Why another system

Promotional Materials

As part of our commitment to your success, we provide you with digital copies of promotional materials that you can print at your local UPS store! These materials can help you promote your online ordering system.

Our digital materials are:

  1. Window Banner
  2. Table Tent
  3. QR Code
  4. Shortened URL
Promotional Materials

Digital Marketing

We're digital marketers and we understand the power of the internet. That's why all our customers receive ongoing complementary digital marketing in several forms which may include:

  1. Messenger Chatbots
  2. Scheduled Facebook Page Posts
  3. Website Linking
  4. Directory Linking
Digital Marketing

How it works!

Just follow our simple step by step process



First you must sign up for the plan that best fits your restaurant needs, and provide us with your restaurant information.

Upload Menu

Menu Setup

Provide us with a PDF copy of your most recent menu and we will get it set up for you. Setup usually only takes 48 hours or less!

Setup Tablet

Device Setup

Install our merchant app on the mobile device of your choice, then login and configure it with the settings that best fit your needs.

Take Orders

Start Selling

Once your menu has been setup and your device properly configured, you can go ahead and start taking unlimited food orders. That easy!

Powerful Dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

Our powerful dashboard enables you to have control of your online ordering system 24/7. Everything from prices to daily booking limits and special offers can be changed through both our dashboard or our powerful mobile application.


Make adjustments on the fly without delays. Our dashboard enables you to update every aspect of the ordering system, including mobile applications!


Our dashboard is accessible through various forms. All you need is a browser or a mobile devices such as an iPhone or an Adroid with internet access.

Unlock growth potential. Start selling online today!

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Powerful tools on your hands

Our powerful mobile app enables you to have complete control of your online ordering without the need of a computer

  • Orders

    Get instant notifications of incoming orders. Our system uses push notifications, email and even SMS messages! You can also access customer order history.

  • Booking

    If enabled, your customers will have the ability to make online reservations and you will be notified instantly! You can reject or accept them in real time!

  • Profile

    Did you forget your password? You can reset it through our app! You can also update your restauran information, your profile or personal preferences based on your needs.

  • Enabling and Disabling

    Enable or disable online ordering with just a few clicks. 86 chicken? No problem! You can also disable certain menu items or even automatically enable them.

  • Menu Additions

    Do you constantly change your daily specials? No problem! Our online ordering system enables you to add or remove as many menu items as possible any time!

  • Reports

    Get powerful insights with a few clicks. Our mobile app enables you to access sales and booking reports on the fly! You can view daily or summary reports with filtering options!

How QuikEats Compares

See why QuikEats is the right choice for restaurants

QuikEats ChowNow Toast Now
Commission $0 $0 $0
Subscription $49/mo $149/mo $50/mo
Online Ordering Setup $99 $399-$499 $0
Pickup & Delivery*
Contactless Delivery*
Scheduled Orders
Web Ordering
Mobile App Ordering
Table Ordering
Menu Photos
Custom Branding
Customer Profiling $150/mo
Customer Loyalty Program
Digital Coupons
Branded Android App +$30/mo
Branded iOS App +$40/mo
Branded Website +$25/mo

*Delivery is not provided by our platform and must be a delivery service you already have in place

±Add-ons incurr a one-time setup fee. All prices are based on a single location.

Premium Add-ons

Boost your return on investment and the power of our online ordering system by getting any of our premium add-ons

Branded Mobile Apps

Take the power of our powerful online ordering system and make it yours by getting your own branded mobile applications! Increase brand recognition and loyalty by providing your customers the ability to order and re-order directly from you without third parties.


You can update pricing, business hours and much more through our powerful dashboard.

App Stores

We will publish your apps on their respective official app stores. We make it easy and affordable!

Mobile-friendly Website

Get a beautiful and powerful website for your restaurant. We will design a website that represents your industry in both look and features. We also work with your restaurant logo and image to create something that will help you build brand recognition.


We will integrate your website with your social media and even your online ordering system. Websites attract visitors and boost sales.


Our powerful and simple CMS allows you to update your website on your own and instantly. You get 24/7 unlimited access.

Menu Propagation

Besides having your menu on your website and on our ordering platform, we can help you increase its availability by submitting or adding your website to some of the most popular social media and online directory platforms. The easier you make it for customers to find your menu and order online the better chances of boosting sales.

Top Directories

Having direct links to your menu and online ordering system on the top websites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp and many others must be a top priority for your business.


Updates are synchronized to avoid confusion and issues with customers. We can help you ensure that your customers always have access to the latest menu additions and prices.

Facebook Ads

Reach existing and new audiences by promoting your website on Facebook. We can help you take advantage of Facebook's powerful machine learning and prediction algorithms at a great cost! There's simple no better and affordable way to promote your menu and online ordering.

Your Budget

It's your marketing budget and we let you decide how to spend it. We enable you to take advantage of this powerful marketing platform on your own terms.

No Contracts